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Posted on January 28, 2013 by maburdei.
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I’m a health freak. Or at least, that’s what my family and friends constantly define my eating habits and persona as. Tell me something is all-natural, organic, loaded with vitamins and antioxidants and chances are I’ll start eating it. When it comes to media consumption, however, I’m not as hard-core.

fooooood pyramid

With college comes an unprecedented amount of required reading. So when I find myself engaged in some form of media, it’s usually for entertainment or emailing purposes.  A major exception to this is when I tune into WTOP 103.5FM, an all-news station, as I’m commuting to and from school. (I’d listen to music but anything “hit” or “top 40” is generally suicide for the senses—hearing in particular.)

Comm 361 Media Pyramid PhotosHandmade Media Pyramid

For the rest of an average day, my media consumption is loaded with Gmail and Facebook. But hey, ones newsfeed has a surprising amount of links to actual newsworthy sites like the New York Times and the Washington Post. (Advice: befriend scholars and other intellectually great people). Also, for a couple months now I’ve subscribed to Time magazine, so I tend to read through an issue on a weekend morning when I don’t have to rush to class. They usually elaborate on stories I heard on WTOP or provide opinion articles on new topics.

If procrastination is the game, then I’m also probably checking out online clothing stores, YouTube, Amazon, earning money via Swagbucks or Zoombucks (yes, you can earn money by doing various forms of nothing online) or Googling things to no apparent end.

Last, but most entertaining of all, is my newly-acquired thrill—Netflix. With everything from documentaries to fantasy series, the chance to feel intellectual or live vicariously through some incredibly adventurous (yet sadly fictional) character is at the command of a few buttons on my remote.

So let’s stack it all up. On a traditional food pyramid, grains should have the greatest intake. That’s probably e-mail and Facebook in this case. Fruits and veggies? WTOP. The next up is Time magazine, Netflix, random bits of internet procrastinating described above, and the occasional evening broadcast on WUSA9 or CNN.

What does your media consumption look like?

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