Fenwick’s Awkward Stage

Posted on January 29, 2013 by maburdei.
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Fenwick Photo

There’s something odd about this picture. Can you spot it?

This photo was taken from the inside of Fenwick library. So why is this book-castle sporting a host of empty book shelves?

Because just like every other building on George Mason’s Fairfax campus, Fenwick is under construction. Don’t roll your eyes just yet, because this renovation is actually pretty sweet. As for those missing books, don’t worry, they’ve been temporarily relocated and you can still use the library.

The addition to Fenwick is scheduled to be completed around December 2014. (Sorry, seniors) The superior add-ons include stylish study spaces, a 24-hour cafe, reading rooms, classrooms, and what GMU Liaison Librarian Theresa Calcagno described as a “light soaked” room. Translation: A trendy study space supposedly encompassed by glass all-around.

Interested in checking out the actual design for the Fenwick project? Click here.

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